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At PIC, we offer a range of comprehensive services to ensure the safety, compliance, and optimal performance of various industrial installations. Our commitment is to conduct meticulous inspections and provide technical support across different sectors.

In various industrial sectors, steam pressure devices are integral components.

PIC ensures their regular inspection, including boilers, tanks, and heat exchangers, to guarantee compliance with Tunisian regulations and standards.

Our services cover equipment reception, periodic regulatory control, technical file verification, witness of official hydrotests.

These regulatory inspections prioritize safety and operational efficiency, minimizing risks.

Essential in industrial installations, gas pressure devices undergo thorough inspection by PIC to ensure safety and proper functionality.

Our services encompass equipment reception, periodic regulatory control, technical file verification, technical assistance, and official test support.

By adhering to Tunisian regulations, our inspections contribute to the secure construction, installation, and operation of these devices.

We focus on ensuring the reliability, safety, and compliance of transport pipelines.

Our services include material reception assistance, technical file verification, and official hydro test trials.

From material reception to operation, our inspections align with prevailing regulations to uphold the integrity of these crucial structures.

The inspection aims to ensure the compliance and safety of gas installations, preventing leaks, explosion risks, and ensuring a safe working environment.

Regular Inspections: Our team conducts periodic inspections in accordance with prevailing regulations to detect defects, leaks, and malfunctions.

The goal is to ensure the safety and compliance of gas installations, contributing to accident prevention.

Regular inspections of industrial electrical installations are vital for preventing breakdowns and ensuring operational continuity.

Our services involve the verification of electrical installations, reception of new installations, and biannual periodic controls.

The objective is to assess safety, efficiency, and compliance.

We ensure the safety, regulatory compliance, and proper functioning of elevators and lifting devices through visual inspection, security system checks, and load tests.

PIC excels in providing inspections that guarantee a safe working environment.

Our inspection evaluates, identifies, and mitigates fire hazards in industrial environments.

Thorough inspections include risk assessment, preventive recommendations, and awareness of fire safety practices to ensure compliance with regulations and international standards.

Periodic inspections of automatic fire detection systems verify their proper functioning and compliance.

Detailed verifications, connection analyses, alarm simulations, and sensor testing are conducted to ensure responsiveness in emergencies.

Utilizing infrared thermography, we detect abnormal temperature variations in equipment and installations.

This method is effective in preventing fire risks and identifying defects in electrical cabinets, connections, conductors, networks, and thermal installations.

At PIC, our services prioritize safety, compliance, and optimal performance across diverse industrial sectors.

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