Embark on a journey of skill enhancement with our subsidiary, MTC, dedicated to providing top-notch in-house and inter-company training. Our comprehensive programs span essential fields such as API, pressure equipment, welding, lifting, painting, explosive atmospheres (Atex), electricity, and more.

Tailored Expertise for Your Success

Delivered by seasoned professionals, our training sessions are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of businesses.

We prioritize a personalized approach to ensure optimal skill acquisition, whether for internal teams or external collaborators.

Our commitment is to deliver high-quality training programs that align with the industry’s highest standards.

Invest in Excellence, Strengthen Your Company

By investing in the development of your team’s skills, you actively contribute to bolstering your company’s overall performance and ensuring compliance with standards and regulations.

Our training programs aim to instill a culture of safety, operational efficiency, and professional excellence within your organization.

Global Demand, Expert Trainers

Our trainers are carefully selected from a curated list of top training providers to meet the rising demand for quality training worldwide.

Explore Our Diverse Training Programs:

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