Welding Technology & Laboratory Testing



At PIC, we understand that welding technology and laboratory testing are pivotal elements in upholding the highest standards of quality and safety for installations.

Our suite of services encompasses a wide range of solutions designed to ensure the integrity of welds and materials, coupled with comprehensive laboratory testing support.

We provide welding inspectors to supervise and monitor welding works, ensuring compliance with the strictest standards.

Rigorous verification and approval of welding procedure specifications guarantee quality and compliance with requirements.

We undertake the qualification of welding procedure descriptions and operating methods, as well as the qualification of welders to ensure their competence.

Inspection of welding equipment is carried out to ensure proper functioning and compliance with required standards.

We ensure the inspection and acceptance of materials both during manufacturing at the factory and upon reception on-site.

Our materials engineering expertise provides valuable assistance in selecting appropriate materials for each application.

Laboratory metallurgical examinations are conducted to ensure compliance and the quality of materials used.

We perform safety valve calibration to ensure their proper functioning.

Thorough mechanical tests, including tensile, hardness, bending, resilience, and micrography/macrophotography, are conducted to assess material performance.

Civil mechanical tests, chemical tests, and vibrational analyses are also included in our service range.

Environmental measurements, including sound levels, gas detection, dust, radiography, etc., are conducted to ensure a secure environment.

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is carried out for traceability of materials used.

Precise calibration of tanks is performed to ensure their capacity and operational reliability.

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