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Welcome to our Drilling Equipment Inspection Department, where precision meets excellence.

We specialize in delivering thorough inspection services tailored to a diverse range of industrial applications.

At PIC, we pride ourselves on leveraging cutting-edge technologies while steadfastly adhering to international engineering standards, ensuring the quality and integrity of the various equipment employed in drilling operations.

Key Services

Embark on a journey of reliability with our general application industrial inspections.

We employ UV+ daylight magnetic particle testing on welds, forgings, and castings, ensuring a robust foundation. Our meticulous machined objects inspection covers the OCTG range, including the MPI-EMI Unit (scope), drill stem assembly, threads, rotary equipment, handling and hoisting equipment, and piping.

Thread gauging aligns seamlessly with ISO 10402, API Spec 7, RP7G, 8 A-B-C, DS1, NS2, and other international engineering standards.

Discover peace of mind with our comprehensive tubular inspection services, covering drill pipe, casing, Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), and tubular handling equipment.

OCTG and thread inspections follow stringent standards such as API RP7G, API Spec. 7, API 5CT, API RP 5A5, and TH Hill DS-1 Third Edition.

Our lifting equipment management system (LEMS) load testing and recertification adhere to BS-LOLER-LEEA-API-ISO standards and requirements.

Derrick and mast inspections are conducted according to API 4G CAT III, while rig inspections follow API 4G CAT IV.

Witness excellence in action with our field inspection services, covering visual, dimensional, and non-destructive examinations of both used and new drilling equipment and tools.

From drill pipes and collars to BHA, stabilizers, drilling tools, fishing tools, specialty tools, X-Over, and subs – we leave no stone unturned.

Wall thickness measurement and electromagnetic inspection on pipe bodies meet the highest industry standards such as API, NS2, ISO, DS1, and more.

Step into the precision realm with our machine shop thread gauging services.

We specialize in rotary shouldered connections, encompassing various types of drilling string API connections as per API SPEC 7.

Elevate your confidence with our inspection and examination of hoisting and handling tools used in drilling operations.

Unlock a world of possibilities with our expertise in different premium thread connections used on casing and tubing products.

From VAM Series to TENARIS, EUE, BOTROS, and more – we’ve got it covered.

At PIC, we take pride in our specialized expertise, ensuring top-tier inspection services that uphold the highest industry standards.

Our experienced and skilled inspectors bring a wealth of knowledge to every project, guaranteeing thorough assessments and reliable results.

Join our dedicated team, committed to ensuring the safety, reliability, and compliance of drilling equipment through meticulous inspections and unwavering adherence to industry standards

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