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Welcome to our Construction Reception and Monitoring Service, where we focus on two pivotal aspects to ensure the excellence, safety, and compliance of new installations 

In this realm, our profound expertise empowers us to offer adept inspection and verification services.

Our commitment is to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders through meticulous measurement and inspection techniques that minimize losses and prevent contamination.

We deliver swift and cost-effective solutions to meet our clients’ requirements, guaranteeing an unmatched quality of service.

We specialize in evaluating the behavior of materials such as stainless steel or other ship tanks, particularly during acid loading.

This assessment demands expertise and cutting-edge equipment to precisely gauge surface conditions and the extent of degradation.

Our proficiency extends to the reception and oversight of new structures, encompassing metal structures, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and pipelines.

This competence is critical for assessing the structural integrity of these facilities, mitigating the risks of premature failure, and ensuring their secure and optimal operation.

Identifying potential corrosion factors, including environmental conditions, materials, and manufacturing processes, our expertise allows for the implementation of robust preventive measures.

This involves applying protective coatings, selecting corrosion-resistant materials, and executing tailored maintenance programs.

We provide a comprehensive array of inspections adhering to international standards, covering aspects such as:

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